Finished reading: A Hacker’s Mind: How the Powerful Bend Society’s Rules, and How to Bend them Back by Bruce Schneier 📚

🎙️ The quantum revolution: Q-Day - FT Tech Tonic

In the cybersecurity world they call it Q-Day, the day when a quantum computer will be built that can break the encryption of the internet.

Finished reading: Chip War by Chris Miller 📚The history, technology and politics of microchips. Loved it.

TIL: Bulk rename files in Finder(Mac)

Select multiple files, right-click files and select “Rename”. Then you get a Find and Replace pop-up.

Bulk rename files in Finder

TIL: Stop the cursor from blinking in Obsidian

Put the following css in a file, I called mine noblink.css

.cm-cursorLayer {animation: none !important;}

Put the file in your Obsidian snippet directory. On a Mac it is here: ~/Library/Mobile Documents/iCloud~md~obsidian/Documents/Obsidian/.obsidian/snippets In the app (on the Mac) go to “Preferences > Appearance”, scroll to “CSS snippets” at the bottom to activate the snippet.

screenshot of obsidian css settings

I found this tip here:

TIL: Helix editor: auto import in golang

You may need to build Helix from source.

Install goimports:

go install

Add this to languages.toml in your config directory.

name = "go"
formatter = { command = "goimports" }

TIL: Count number of products of current type in Shopify liquid templates

On the product page of a Shopify store I want to insert a link to a page showing all products of this type, but only if there are more than one product of this type.

{% assign number_of_type = collections.all.products | where: "type", product.type | size %}
{% if number_of_type > 1 %}
  {% comment %} Insert comment {% endcomment %}
  {{ product.type | link_to_type }}
{% endif %}

Signal, on how to do subscriptions:

You can also feel safe knowing we’ve built these subscriptions so that they only renew if you use Signal over the course of the month. Should you stop using Signal, or uninstall the app, they will be automatically cancelled after the next cycle, which helps eliminate the “dark pattern” of subscriptions you’ve forgotten about.